Intermediate Public Announcement – Heart Rhythm Medication Study

Intermediate Public Announcement

Public Notification:

Research to study whether the use of heart rhythm medications will improve the likelihood of surviving to hospital discharge for adult subjects suffering cardiac arrest outside of the hospital will begin December 2012 in Milwaukee County. The purpose of this study is to find whether the most commonly used heart medications (amiodarone or lidocaine) can improve such survival, or whether neither is beneficial l in treating patient with cardiac arrest. Researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin will compare survival rates and quality of life for these cardiac arrest subjects. This study meets the FDA guidelines for exception to informed consent under emergency circumstances because informed consent cannot be obtained from a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. For details, on the risks and benefits, exception to informed consent under emergency circumstances, other aspects or if you do not wish to participate in such a trial and would like to request an opt-out bracelet, please call Dr. Tom Aufderheide at (414) 805-6493, email at, or visit the WEB site at (