Mary Burke Stands With Veterans

By Urban Media News

Mary Burke

Mary Burke

Mary Burke is not only committed to the prosperity of our state, but also dedicated to assuring the success and stability of those who have risked their lives in service to our great nation.

Veterans are an invaluable part of our state’s population; with over 400,000 in Wisconsin alone, we have an obligation to make certain that their needs—whether they be health, employment, or basic rights—are met.

A principal area of concern for veterans in Wisconsin and across the United States is healthcare access and affordability. Veterans are disproportionately more likely to be affected with physical and mental health issues after returning from service.

Often times, they require a type of care that private insurance lenders will not cover.

This is why federally funded Medicaid is an important part of Wisconsin’s future health care initiatives—for veterans and civilians alike.

Scott Walker chose not to expand Medicaid with federally-funded dollars provided through the Affordable Care Act, which in turn funneled Wisconsin tax money to support other state’s economies.

His decision kicked thousands of adults and children off of Medicaid and forced them into the private lenders market.

Walker once again fails to see beyond the veil of a conservative agenda, because there’s nothing empowering about not being able to afford health care.

Mary Burke, on the other hand, has voiced her strong support for Medicaid expansion and has promised to accept the federal dollars once she is Governor.

Veterans need an ally who will advocate for their well-being even at times when doing so does not fall exactly in line with traditional party politics.

Burke will ensure that veterans receive the benefits and care they need after returning home from service.

Employment opportunities and job growth are also chief areas of concern for veterans in Wisconsin. At 35th in the nation for job creation, and 10th out of 10 states in the Midwest, our state’s economy and job market are abysmal.

Scott Walker promised us time and time again that he would create 250,000 new jobs, yet he has come nowhere close to that figure.

In fact, we’re lagging behind the rest of the nation in job growth.

Our veterans shouldn’t risk their lives defending our freedoms, only to come back to a state with bleak employment opportunities and decreasing access to health care coverage. Mary Burke is well qualified to get Wisconsin back on track and put residents to work again.

She has a comprehensive jobs plan on the table, which includes initiatives to invest in small businesses, support the creativity of entrepreneurs, and increase Wisconsin’s market competitively on a global scale. Burke’s plan, “Invest for Success,” takes a comprehensive, common-sense approach to a problem that has gone unanswered for far too long.

Veterans can be confident that under Mary Burke, Wisconsin’s job market and economy will once again thrive. Student loan debt is yet another issue of worry for young veterans who return from service and find themselves burdened with paying back their education.

The sad irony of loan debt is all too common among young veterans who pursue a college degree.

Debt relief initiatives are a top priority for Burke and her administration.

As an advocate for Wisconsin students, Burke has a plan to combat the rising loan debt crisis.

The bill includes several measures to lower debt, including opportunities to refinance loans at lower interest rates, deduct student loan payments from income tax, and provide students and parents with necessary information to be smart loan consumers.

Burke works tirelessly to ensure that access to education is not hindered by impending loan debt and that our veterans can be provided the support they need to get a college degree.

Mary Burke is a veteran ally because of the policies she puts forth and positions she champions. Stand behind Burke and provide for veterans the Wisconsin they fought for and the leadership to enact change.