New businesses need Burke

By Urban Media

Small businesses are the backbone our economy, they make up over 95 Percent of American employers.

Small firms generate over 65 Percent of net new private sectors jobs and account for 50 Percent of private sector employment. Their jobs and their dollars are what make our nation and our state thrive.

Wisconsin voted Scott Walker into office thinking he would make life easier to own or start-up a business, but four years later, Wisconsin is one the five worst states for new businesses.

According to a yearly report by the Ewing Marion Kaufmann Foundation, Wisconsin ranks 46th in the nation for new business starts.

Levels of entrepreneurial activity actually declined from the previous year, meaning it was harder to start a new business last year than it was the year before.

Walker quickly declared Wisconsin “open for business” when he took office in 2011, but since then the state has fallen from 11th to 35th in the nation in job creation.

Wisconsin’s doors don’t seem to be open to either entrepreneurs or small businesses.

The governor hasn’t created the kind of growth he said he would in Wisconsin.

Even his flagship job’s agency, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), has fallen short of its main task, creating only 5,840 since 2011.

WEDC has been plagued by scandal and controversy since its inception for misuse of taxpayer funds, exaggerated jobs claims, and lack of basic oversight.

Walker’s failure doesn’t just show in the numbers, it shows in the households all across Wisconsin where new businesses have failed and families can’t keep the lights on.

We’re in big trouble when a governor makes more time for the people who donate to his campaigns than the people who make Wisconsin run.

Unlike Scott Walker, Mary Burke seems to get that.

Burke has a forwardlooking plan that will work for Wisconsin far beyond the next election cycle. Small businesses can’t thrive without help from our leaders in Madison. Burke wants to quadruple the size of the State Venture Capital Fund and expand Angel Investment Tax Credits.

Her plan, “Invest in Success,” puts resources in the hands of entrepreneurs who will make the jobs of tomorrow and create the next generation of innovation and industry.

Wisconsin can trust Mary Burke to get results and move our state forward once again.

She’s the only candidate in the race with both public and private sector success creating jobs.

She knows exactly what it takes to start and own a successful business, having done so herself in her twenties.

Scott Walker has only taken us backwards, and it’s scary to think about where Wisconsin will be after another four years under his destructive policies.

Now more than ever, Wisconsin needs Mary Burke’s experience and vision.