The Republicans can learn from Democratic State Convention this weekend

By Urban Media

In the days and weeks leading up to the Republican Party’s State Convention, party bosses weren’t focused on the future of Wisconsin.

Instead, leadership was fighting an internal battle, attempting to stave off a large group of delegates pushing to affirm our state’s right to secede from the Union.

The resolution failed to make it into the party platform, but not before party leaders were able to embarrass Wisconsin on a national scale by defending such a ludicrous proposal.

If the divisive policies Scott Walker and Republicans have pursued aren’t an indicator of what their priorities are, a look at their party platform reinforces the truth about their extreme agenda.

Party platforms are usually a solid guideline of where the party is headed, what they believe in, and what they will fight for in the near future.

When Democrats come together in the Wisconsin Dells for their annual state convention this week, one thing is certain: there will be no talk of seceding from the union.

Instead of throwing rocks and hiding their hands, Democrats are putting their money where their mouths are, voting on party resolutions that party leaders have spoken openly about and brought up during various legislative sessions.

It’s a stark contrast to the Republican Party, which tried to downplay talk of secession as the product of a small, fringe, extreme wing of the party.

More than 100 delegates voted for the platform resolution, a sign that the issue is of high importance in behind the closed doors of the party.

Secession, however, was just the tip of the iceberg.

Other extreme ideas included nullification of the Affordable Care Act – despite thousands of Wisconsinites being pushed to the federal health care exchange by the standard bearer of the party – and an effort to censure moderate party members for their opposition to the rabid attack on Common Core.

Even more telling is what did find its way into the Republican party platform.

Delegates voted to endorse “Right to Work” laws and pursue expanding the notorious voucher program without “any strings attached.”

It’s clear which party is truly fighting for freedom and fairness for all of Wisconsin.

The Democratic party platforms are an extension of what party leaders fought for during the previous legislative session.

Lawmakers came together last year and proposed raising wages for working families, proposing a common sense idea to install a raise to $10.10 an hour over three years.

A raise in pay would benefit over 400,000 Wisconsinites struggling to make ends meet today.

At a time when people are working two or more jobs just to survive, Democrat’s commitment to economic security is unwavering.

And the big tent party seeks to bring as many people as possible into the fold, including those historically marginalized from success and opportunity.

Democrats understand the importance of leveling the playing field and making sure everyone has a chance to succeed, that’s why they have repeatedly called out Scott Walker for his attack on pay equality laws.

This weekend, party members will vote to reaffirm that stance and highlight the importance that everyone has an equal and fair shot.

Everyone should have an opportunity to move up and get ahead, Democratic leaders beat the drum all legislative session on restoring full funding to public education and investing in our state’s education system.

Education has long been a path to the middle class, but lack of state support has made it harder for schools to succeed.

In addition, students a face a huge burden when pursuing higher education. The high price of a college degree has priced many out of school and saddled others with crushing debt. Last session, Democrats committed to reducing debt for graduates and making higher education affordable for everyone.

The resolutions up for a vote this weekend weren’t cooked up in a smoke filled room by elites.

Party leaders have been public about these issues, speaking out and proposing legislation to these very ends.

Standing up for public education; fighting for access to quality, affordable healthcare; and creating a path to the middle class is what the Democratic Party believes – their platform certainly represents that.

At a time when we need it most, Democrats are fighting for progressive values that move the state forward.

Republican leaders should take note if they want to be taken seriously