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Health resources more accessible

Nora DeBerry-Johnson of the City Health Department explains health benefit programs to a resident at SDC Richards Street.

There are a number of health programs that may be able to help area residents. Unfortunately, often times those residents are not aware of the programs or if they qualify for them.

The City of Milwaukee Health Department is partnering with the Social Development Commission (SDC) to make it easier for area residents to find out if they are eligible for them and to apply for them.

The City Health Department is staffing SDC Richards Street facility two days a week to offer support to persons who are looking to access healthcare programs. A Health Department representative is at the building’s Welcome Center on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 9 am and 4 pm.

Information is offered as well as the opportunity to enroll in programs like BadgerCare Plus, Child Care, and Food Share.

Residents coming to the SDC facility at 4041 N. Richards for Energy Assistance or to have their taxes done can use this opportunity to learn about these important safety net programs and possibly sign up for them if they are eligible. The partnership between SDC and the City Health Department is being coordinated by the SDC Program Services office and is part of the agency’s efforts to connect residents with SDC and other agencies’ services at one location.

To learn more about SDC programs, visit the SDC website at and click on the “Programs” page.