Obama maintains firm stance on top 2 percent paying more in taxes

Compiled by Courier Staff

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama held his first news press conference this week since his re-election, and answered some tough questions from the press. His intention for the address was directed toward the ‘fiscal cliff’ alleged fears that have dominated the news since his re-election.

Obama made it clear that he has no intention of backing off his plans to end the Bush-era tax cuts. It had been reported days prior to Wednesday’s press conference that he had spoken to a group of progressive and labor leaders and that he was not going to budge on his intention to end them.

He confirmed what many have reported, that the administration seems to have staked out a firmer position than during the first stand-off over the Bush-era tax cuts, in November and December of 2010, leaving the impression that it won’t sign off on a compromise that doesn’t increase the tax burden on the wealthy as a means of paying down the deficit.

When asked what about him backing off in 2010, he stated that the country was in a different state at the time. The recovery was still too fragile, and that there were other vital factors tied to ending the cuts then.

If we recall, the Republicans in the House held the extension of unemployment benefits hostage that at that time the president was not willing to let people suffer over political games.

This time it is different, Obama campaigned again heavily on ending the tax cuts for those earning $250,000 (the top 2 percent) and up, and creating a fairer shared sacrifice that the poor, working and middle class have been paying alone. He has stated on several occasions that his win signals that this is what the majority of Americans want.

During the press conference this week, he also referred to a letter he received since being elected from a voter who didn’t vote for the president, but agreed with ending the cuts as well.

It appears that House Republicans have some decisions to make, and the same method of operation that they have been operating under is not going to cut it with the American people.