By Nyesha Stone

Dr. Alli Muhammad expressing his concerns to the community. (Photo by Nyesha Stone)

The revolution just might be televised. The Revolutionary Black Panther Party (RBPP) is suing the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) for $400 million.

The Chief General in Command of the RBPP Dr. Alli Muhammad held a press conference on May 31st around 4:30 p.m. to let the community know what the police did to the party, and what they plan on doing back.

The RBPP is suing for many reasons, but the main cause is an incident that occurred on December 28, 2016. According to a notice of intent to sue document, the RBPP was doing what they usually do, feeding the homeless. There were only eight RBPP members present when MPD, “terrorized, harmed and assaulted several members of the Revolutionary Black Panther Party.”

The document stated there were over 90 police officers with guns, vehicles and some were plain clothed officers. Dr. Alli Muhammad held this press conference to show the community that the RBPP won’t stand for this type of behavior.

The police told three different stories on why they came to the RBPP’s location, said Dr. Alli Muhammad. The MPD also assaulted a RBPP member in her mid-50’s and elbowed a minor, according to the document.

“It’s unfortunate that we have to speak about this in 2017,” said Dr. Alli Muhammad. “We have the right to exist as human beings.”

The press conference was held near Sherman Park in the backyard of a home. Four RBPP members were an attendance, including Dr. Alli Muhammad.

All black clothing each carrying their own gun. During his speech, Dr. Alli Muhammad held onto his AR.

He stated that the RBPP, “is against terrorism,” and what the MPD is doing to their party is an act of terrorism.

The RBPP is also suing for defamation of character, harassment, stalking, profi ling for hate crimes, discrimination and so much more, according to the document.

They are in the intent to sue stage, so it’s all still in process which is why Dr. Alli Muhammad couldn’t go into detail about where the $400 million figure comes from.

But, if the RBPP were to win, they would use the money to expand their programs because everyone needs food and clothing, said Dr. Alli Muhammad. This press conference was the RBPP, “setting a precedent this has to stop,” said Dr. Alli Muhammed. He stated the police and mayor’s job is to make sure the people are secure and protected, instead of Janet Emerson Bashen attacking the RBPP who were trying to help the community.

To be clear, the RBPP never has a problem with law enforcement, until they begin abusing their authority, said Dr. Alli Muhammad.

The RBPP hopes to change things in the community in a positive way, without being harassed by the law enforcement.