North Division High School Alumni Association calls community to action

A meeting for parents, community and alumni, will be held at North Division High School, 1011 W. Center St., on Wednesday, May 21, at 6:00pm.

North Division stands as a beacon of hope for the students that are presently enrolled there.

The school has gone through many transitions in the last fifteen-twenty years, however, the last three years has brought about a major change.

There is new leadership, and most of all a vigorous academic curriculum here in the Central City, on Center St.

The community should be aware that there is a great new educational program at North, including Honors and Advanced Placement classes, Milwaukee Area Technical College health and human service classes, and a Certified Nursing Assistance Program.

The alumni association is working diligently with the school and students but assistance from the community is also needed.

In spite of, the new vigorous curriculum the students still need help especially, in the areas of mentoring, tutoring, scholarships and jobs.

Hopefully, a large segment of the community will support the students and in the process support positive change.

Many leaders in the community once attended North and have gone on to become positive role models.

Just to name a few, former Secretary of State, Vel Phillips, Congresswoman Gwen Moore, retired State Rep. Annette Polly Williams, retired Alderwoman Marlene Johnson-Odom, retired Police Chief Art Jones, retired Deputy Fire Chief, Donald Jackson, retired Interim Mayor Marvin Pratt, Courier Communications Owner Jerrel Jones, former Supt. of Milwaukee Public Schools, Dr. Howard Fuller, James Love, United States, Department of Defense, Ankle and Foot Surgeon Dr. Mexton Deacon, Dentist, Dr. Timolin Boyd, and Deborah Allen owner of many McDonald’s restaurants in this community.

There are hundreds of other good citizens all over the country that have graced the halls of North Division.

Parents, Community, Alumni let’s get ready for the ACTION.

Refreshments and child care will be provided.