Taking services to a neighborhood

Milwaukee residents braved the cold to access a variety of programs and services.

They attended the first of a series of the Social Development Commission’s Integrated Mobile Mondays.

The initial Integrated Mobile Monday was held on Milwaukee’s Northwest side at Greater New Birth Church located at 82nd and Silver Spring.

SDC’s Energy Assistance and free VITA tax preparation programs helped residents during the weather-shortened event.

Other services provided at the church included SDC’s Weatherization and Lead Hazard Reduction Assistance programs.

Acelero Head Start was also present to sign up families for the preschool program.

Integrated Mobile Mondays are an effort by the agency to take SDC services to the community to make them easier to access.

The next such event will be held February 17th all day back at Greater New Birth Church.

Future Monday events will be held at other locations including one in the Amani Neighborhood.

Look at the SDC website for details on these future opportunities at www.cr-sdc.org.