Men become stronger fathers

Members of the Light of the World Youth Choir sing to grandfathers during the Fatherhood Summit

Hundreds of dads gathered to learn how they can be more effective fathers during the 8th Annual Milwaukee Fatherhood Summit.

The men took part in the two-day event staged by the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative in partnership with the Social Development Commission (SDC).

The fathers were inspired and informed with workshops, access to job and health resources, and being able to meet with Driver’s License Support staff and Milwaukee County Child Support case workers.

Information on the Affordable Care Act was also shared with summit participants.

The impact of the annual Fatherhood Summit can be shown in the example of one of the attendees, Shawn Muhammad.

The 42-year old Milwaukee man went to his first Summit three years ago.

He said he was then able to access several programs and services including Driver’s License Recovery which helped him to earn back his license as well as successfully deal with other issues.

He attended the latest summit in a much stronger place and credited the first Summit he attended for helping him focus his life and become the man he is today.

Former Badger football star Jonathan Orr participated, sharing his gift of word and music to motivate the men and to proudly take on the role of fatherhood.

Grandfathers were also honored during the Milwaukee Fatherhood Summit for the role they play in raising their children’s children.

The Light of the World Youth Choir sang a song to grandfathers and grandmothers as part of that celebration.

The Fatherhood Summit was concluded with a stirring ceremony conducted by James Mosley of the Alma Center.

In it, participants passed symbolically the legacy of fatherhood around a circle.

Participating men left the Milwaukee Fatherhood Summit with valuable information and resources that they will be able to use to become stronger fathers who will, in turn, create stronger families and stronger communities.