The Milwaukee Courier also endorses, Moore, Taylor and Baldwin

Gwen Moore

The Milwaukee Courier Newspaper has endorsed the following candidates for office including President Barack Obama for re-election: Congresswoman Gwen Moore, State Senator Lena Taylor and Tammy Baldwin for U.S. Senate.

President Barack Obama has proven to be the only man in the race for President who can not only handle the job but also deliver. He is the most qualified candidate that is capable of moving this country forward, and his steady and consistent path is the only one to take, if this country is successful at becoming the great nation that it is known to be.

Lena Taylor

When he took office, the future looked quite dismal, he didn’t let that deter him. He came in, and he took what republicans had dug as a deep hole of financial collapse from 2 wars and Wall Street greed and he dug this nation out of it. Despite, the public vows of contempt from the other side, he never gave into the distractions. Not only, did he supply the automakers with the funds to help turn their dismal future around, he also provided incentives for the public to purchase new cars. Remember, ‘Cash for Clunkers’, this was one of the best programs that worked to remove old gas guzzling vehicles from the streets and out of operation, along with putting newer vehicles in the hands of those who needed them.

He instituted and delivered plans to end the wars, and he worked diplomatically instead of throwing the United States into additional wars when the Middle East and African found itself in conflicts. President Barack Obama more than deserves four more years to continue his work. And let’s not forget the Affordable Health Care Act, which has been dubbed ‘ObamaCare’, which by the way the President embraces, because “Obama does care!’ In addition to President Obama, The Milwaukee Courier endorses Tammy Baldwin for the United States Senate. She will help the president continue to move this country forward, and stop Senate Republicans from their continued efforts to prevent the President from passing bills such as the Jobs Bill and even ending the Bush Tax breaks for the top one percent. Republicans made the decision to do whatever it took to block President Obama from succeeding, and they are continuing to join forces on this agenda. They essentially stopped doing their jobs, and decided that the most important issues were their own selfish ones, and unfortunately our former Governor Tommy Thompson has joined this agenda.

Tammy Baldwin

As the ads say, “He is not the Tommy Thompson that we used to know.” In fact, while serving as governor of Wisconsin Thompson did work across the aisle working with Democrats, Republicans and Independents. But, that Tommy Thompson is not the same, he went off to Washington, D.C. and his focus is no longer on what is best for Wisconsin, he is focused on pleasing the GOP.

Congresswoman Gwen Moore has worked in the best interest of Wisconsin as a whole, and at the same time she has not forgotten her own. She works hard for minorities, women, the poor, working class and middle class. She is an advocate for domestic violence, and she has been visible on all the issues that she so passionately embraces.

And finally, State Senator Lena Taylor who has stood up for issues even when they were not popular. Taylor was one of the state legislators who fled the state back in January as newly elected Governor Scott Walker sought to pass extreme legislation without the public having any dialog about it.

She continues to challenge the administration on issues such as voting rights, and the misuse of federal foreclosure settlement funds.

Follow the Courier’s lead and vote for President Obama, Gwen Moore, Tammy Baldwin and Lena Taylor on Tuesday, Nov. 6!