Judie’s Journey

Judie Johnson

Judie believed she had already earned her GED in 2002, but recently learned the school she obtained it from was not accredited. She needed to get a new one, or she would lose her job. That’s when she turned to the YWCA Community Adult Learning Lab for help. The staff immediately began mentoring Judie and took steps to ensure she would succeed.

While Judie did well in most of the tests, she struggled with math, becoming frustrated when she didn’t pass. “I was convinced I was going to fail again, but they pushed me and encouraged me to not give up.”

One of Judie’s proudest moments came when one of her children framed her GED and hung it on a wall in their home. “I am always telling them why education is so important,” Judie says. “I tell them how I struggled – dropped out of high school and had no job, no money. I am encouraging them to make good choices to stay in school, so they can have a better life.”

Judie has now enrolled in college classes and has set a goal of becoming a nurse. United Way invests in adult learning programs that promote financial stability and independence.

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