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Hundreds of students get dental checks

Head Start Dad watches as his son receives a check-up on Head Start Dental Day

The Marquette University School of Dentistry was a busy place on their annual Head Start Dental Day. Volunteer dentists as well as dental and dental hygiene students from Marquette and MATC examined more than 500 preschool students at the yearly event.

Children from Head Start centers operated by the Social Development Commission and MPS participated in Dental Day to get the examinations, flossing, fluoride treatments and cleaning. They were also provided with a free toothbrush and toothpaste in addition to demonstrations on how to use them. Free books were also handed out to the children, thanks to support from the Next Door Foundation’s Books for Kids.

Dental Day is an annual opportunity for Head Start children to get a dental check-up and it has been able to successfully identify early potential oral health problems for the three to five year olds and begin treatment. Dental care is an integral part of Head Start‘s curriculum in addition to academic preparation, health checks, nutritional food, and parental involvement.

To learn more about the Head Start program, visit the SDC website at, click on the “Programs” page and then on the link for “Head Start”. Or call 414-906- 2777.