Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Obama visits Milwaukee campaign office

Valerie Jarrett takes a photo with Felisia and Terrell Martin who manage one of the
Milwaukee Obama Campaign offices. (Photo by Robert A. Bell)

With now a mere 30 days away from the Presidential Election, the Obama Campaign is not taking Wisconsin or Milwaukee for granted. First Lady Michelle Obama made visits to Milwaukee in August and Appleton last week, Sept. 28 at Lawerence University. President Obama came to Milwaukee for a fundraiser and rally at the Summerfest Grounds on Sept. 22, and headed to Madison, the day after the first debate with Mitt Romney.

Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Obama made a quiet visit to Milwaukee last Friday, Sept. 28, the same day that the first lady was in Appleton to area Obama Campaign offices to thank volunteers and grassroot organizers for their efforts at getting the vote out.

Jarrett stated that Wisconsin is very important to the campaign, and talked about how the Republicans have a lot of unknown money behind them, but she says that she believes in the people like the volunteers who are working hard.

She encouraged the organizers to talk to people who may not be in favor of the President right now, speak with them, and let them know the integrity that this president has and what he has done and can do with four more years as president.

She said that the president represents everyone, not just his supporters, he cares about the entire country.

She asked the supporters if they were fired up, and they responded with a loud “YES”! Following her short address, she greeted the organizers and volunteers, and took photos, thanking each one for their efforts, and encouraged them to keep it up, and take advantage of the early voting that Wisconsin offers. She said, “If we can we Wisconsin, then we can win this election!”