Youth celebrate the new school year

County Supervisor David Bowen discusses with youth at SDC Back to School Rally
how to overcome challenges in finding a job.

Young people involved with the Social Development Commission (SDC) Youth and Family Development Program marked the start of the new school year with a rally that was both fun and informative.

The Youth Programs of SDC held a Back to School Rally at the agency facility at 4041 N. Richards this past Saturday.

A wide range of fun activities engaged the young people throughout the morning. They got the chance to play games, do art projects, and socialize with their peers.

Volunteer Rosemary Pearson works with two young people on an art project at SDC
Back to School Rally.

The youth also engaged in a panel discussion with adults who included Milwaukee County Supervisor David Bowen in which young people asked about how to overcome the barriers that make it hard for them to find jobs. They also provided input to the adults about challenges facing young people in everyday life.

At the end of the event, young people received back packs with school and personal hygiene supplies.

The Back to School Rally was sponsored by the Youth and Family Development Program of SDC, the Charles E. Kubly Foundation, Safe and Sound, Youth in Service Fund, and the Social Development Foundation.

To learn more about the youth programs of SDC, visit SDC’s website at: