Unity Caucus helps to bring recall race to dead heat

There is some exciting news to share with you. The effort of hundreds of volunteers from across the city including those of the Unity Caucus has made the recall race a dead heat.

Respected pollster Fred Yang recently released a memo in the race to recall Walker and it shows a dead heat. The memo notes that, among voters who say they are 100 percent sure they will vote on June 5, Barrett and Walker are tied at 49 percent.

While this is great news, the work to get out the vote and encourage people to vote early continues. The Unity Caucus along with the Faith Community from Milwaukee and Racine and other collaborators has made voter awareness and getting out the vote in the black community their top priority.

To help with this mission Operation Grow Wisconsin was created to get the vote out. The ambitious program extends over ten days with various outreach tactics such as highly organized Van Transportation program for rides to the polls, Bus Rides to encourage early voting, Visibility with signs at multiple & highly populated intersections, Neighborhood events with various block clubs, Church visits to talk about the importance of voting, a Press conference with Pastors and a possible march up Capitol Dr.

All of these efforts are a people powered movement which has made the difference in polling thus far making the recall race a dead heat and will make all the difference on election day June 5th.