Scott Walker wants Milwaukee voters to stay home

As governor, Scott Walker has one big wish for you. His single biggest wish is that you stay home on Tuesday.

That’s right – Scott Walker doesn’t want you to vote. He knows that if we turn out to vote in Milwaukee, he will be held accountable for what he’s done to us during his time in office.

Scott Walker’s state budget has slashed money from Milwaukee, raised taxes on our seniors and cut money for education. He’s taken away money from job training and technical colleges, and he’s eliminated jobs in our community that we desperately need, by killing the Talgo factory.

He’s made it harder for people to vote by passing the most restrictive voter ID law in the country.

Scott Walker’s shown us what he wants for Wisconsin. As he’s pursued his divisive and ideological agenda, we’ve seen our state lose more jobs than any other state in the nation. We need to judge Scott Walker by his deeds and hold him accountable.

If we defeat him, we know we will get a governor who will stand up for us. Four years ago, Tom Barrett was one of the first mayors in the entire country to endorse Barack Obama.

As our Mayor, Tom Barrett’s shown that he cares about us. He has a track record of growing jobs for the community, and he’s invested in getting us the training we need to build the skilled and flexible workforce that will take our community out of this recession.

Our state’s social and economic future depends on the quality of our schools.

Tom Barrett has always been a tireless champion for our schools, and his summer youth jobs program has put over 3,000 teens to work, giving young people a chance to get real world job experience.

As governor, we know Tom Barrett will continue to grow jobs and improve education. We’ve seen his priorities right here in Milwaukee.

On Tuesday June 5th, don’t make Scott Walker’s wish come true. Don’t stay home. Get out and vote. Let’s speak with a mighty voice for justice, and for our community.

Vote Tom Barrett for Governor.