Alderwoman Coggs decries murders, calls for collaboration with residents

Ald. Milele A. Coggs

The 6th District has witnessed three shootings in the past week within our neighborhoods and two of the cases, the shootings at 3244 N. 9th St. and 3043 N. Buffum St., still have no suspect in custody. These two shootings have resulted in the deaths of the victims and on Tuesday, the homicides occurred within eight hours of one another.

First and foremost, my condolences go to all those families who have lost loved ones to senseless acts of violence. My condolences also extend to the community members who strive in their day to day lives and actions to build a space of safety for their families and neighbors. Amid their efforts, we still are subjected to such criminal actions.

No resident should stand for such violence. Though the Milwaukee Police Department is dedicated to solving these murders and fighting such irrational violence, they cannot do it alone. Any resident who witnessed any of these crimes should be compelled to come forward with any information they can share with the police by calling the Milwaukee Police Department Homicide Division at (414) 935-7360.

The residents of our community deserve a safe place to live and so many members of the 6th District are dedicated to creating neighborhoods with standards of living that include growth, connection and safety within the community.