Candidate Spotlight – Why choose Moews for Sheriff

Chris Moews

Lieutenant Chris Moews of the Milwaukee Police Department has a wide range of law enforcement experience, but he’s not the typical cop. He spent two years at the seminary studying to become a priest. Although he left the seminary to begin a family, he says he learned valuable lessons there which have impacted the way he views law enforcement.

Chief among these lessons was to treat all people with compassion.

Compassion is currently lacking in the Sheriff’s Department under David Clarke. This is a Sheriff who is hated by his deputies, community leaders, and most everyone who identifies as a Democrat because he routinely demonstrates a lack of compassion toward others.

Chris Moews will be a refreshing change for Milwaukee County. He wants to increase services at the House of Corrections — such as job training, education opportunities, and drug and alcohol counseling — to make sure that the inmates don’t come back upon release. Sheriff Clarke has proposed cutting these programs to the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors and he already removed library and health care services at the facility in Franklin.

Moews believes that books and medicine are something that inmates should have and it’s worth the money.

Moews has proven himself to be a man dedicated to his community. He has volunteered for the Laubach Literary Center, Habitat for Humanity, his congregation, and personally organized food drives and other charitable activities.

Moews is also the real Democrat in the race. While the position of Sheriff does not necessarily need to be political, it is important that the Sheriff be honest to his constituents about everything — and that includes his political affiliation. Sheriff Clarke is well known to be a Republican disguised as a Democrat to be more easily elected. He has been a speaker at Tea Party rallies, conservative galas, and has been in the pocket of County Executive Scott Walker as long as they’ve been in office together.

Ultimately the job of Sheriff is about keeping you safe, and there are few people in Milwaukee County who would do a better job than Lt. Moews. His experience, goals, and leadership style will help transform the Sheriff’s Department into an agency better equipped to protecting you.

For all of these reasons, Chris Moews is the one for Sheriff for the Democratic primary for Sheriff, and we encourage you to cast your vote for him on September 14.

Supporters of Chris Moews for Sheriff