Gwen Moore Victory Party

By Britney Donald

Gwen Moore

Gwen Moore

U.S. Congresswoman Gwen Moore wins the August primaries against former State Senator Gary George.

Congresswoman Moore will go on to face Republican Dan Sebring in the November 4th election.

Congresswoman Moore beat Gary George at the end of the night with a total of 52, 380 votes claiming a total of 71% of total voters.

Former Senator Gary George gained 29% of the total votes with a total of 21, 234.

Immediately after the results, Congresswoman Moore is already looking ahead and has various plans set in motion to prepare for the general elections held on November 4th.

“Now that the ballot is established and all of the Democratic nominees are in, I think it will be really important for us all to work together toward November 4th making sure we change the political landscape in the state,” Congresswoman Moore said.

“As a member of Congress, I’m going to go back to Washington, go back out into the country, to try to maintain the majority in the United States Senate and try to, if not overtake, the Republicans in the House, at least add on to our numbers so that we can have a stronger voice in the House of Representatives.”

Nothing but cheer and hugs surrounded Congresswoman Moore as the final results were posted. Felesia Martin, avid supporter for Moore, could not have been more pleased with the results.

“For her entire district, she goes from one end of her district to the other end, to really hear what the people want, to hear what they have to say, what’s going on with them and try to vote for accordingly to represent her constituents,” Martin said. “So I am absolutely thrilled that she came out the victor tonight.”

Fellow Moore supporter Jim Carpenter is happy to hear that Gwen Moore will once again be the voice for the people who cannot be heard.

“She’s a voice for people who need a voice who otherwise would not have a voice.

We’re talking about people who are not wealthy and we need more people in Congress who are going to stand up for people who are not in the 1 percent,” Carpenter said.

“We need people who are going to stand up for people without a job, for people who are sick, for people who need food stamps, who need unemployment compensation and who need education and Gwen is that person.”

Supported by close friends and family, Congresswoman Moore has many supporters surrounding her.

Even before the election results were in, supporters were already expressing confidence in Moore’s victory.

Terrell Martin, 4th District Congressional Chair for the Democratic Party, had no doubt in which way the polls would go.

“I’m feeling pretty confident. Our candidates are going to win,” Martin said.

Janette Herrerea has known Moore since childhood and knew that she would go far in her career. “She was determined.

I never had any doubt,” Herrerea said. “She’s true to what she says.

Whatever she said she was gonna do, she would do it.”