Bowen Wins the Race for District 10 State Assembly

By Tiffany Crouse

David Bowen won the race for the district 10 State Assembly seat.

According to Fox 6 News Bowen won with 54 percent of the vote followed by Bria Grant with 21 percent, Tia Torhorst with 18 percent and Sara Lee Johann with 7 percent.

“David is the kind of person that sets his mind to something and he goes through with it.” said Mary Bowen, Bowen’s mother.

Bowen said that this was a tough race and that he and his team worked hard and long hours to get to this point.

Bowen said he is looking to be a “public servant” to district 10 and is looking forward to taking on challenging issues in the community.

Issues such as creating an equal economic opportunity for everyone, helping everyone have access to good public schools, and enabling people to buy homes.

Bowen’s supporters were enthusiastic about the outcome of the race. “It is rare to see a Politian that acts before he is elected into office and he [Bowen] is that kind of person.” said Mario Gomez, a longtime supporter of Bowen’s campaign.

Sheritta Evers, a supporter of Bowen, said what set Bowen apart from his competitors was that: “He knows what is going on and he is in the field doing what needs to be done.”

Bowen referred to himself as a “young, progressive candidate” and looks forward to his time in office.