Why African-Americans need Education and Training to participate in the Workforce Energy Boom

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By Jarett Fields

Jarett Fields

Jarett Fields

There are significant employment opportunities for African Americans and Hispanics in the oil and natural gas industry.

African-Americans labor participation in the Oil and Gas Industry at 8 percent is lower relative to their participation in the U.S. Economy as a whole. Percentage of U.S. Labor: Hispanic 15 percent African Americans 11 percent.

32% of US Companies Report a Skill Shortage: The US graduated just 70,000 engineers, while China graduated 500,000 and India graduated 200,000.

Of the 70,000 undergraduate engineers, only 12% represented all underrepresented groups.

Jobs requiring Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) degrees are projected to increase four times as fast as overall job growth.

Many job openings will not be filled by United States citizens (BHEF 2005).

Less than 40% of students intending to major in STEM fields upon college entrance actually complete a degree in these fields.

Less than 25% of underrepresented minorities intending to major in STEM actually complete a degree in these fields.

Within the Oil and Natural Gas Industry, African American will have the opportunities to fill any and all the positions listed below: Listed below are some of the job types and salaries that African American and Hispanics could seek.

• Administrative Assistants $34-$42K per Year
• Control Centre Operators $60-$68K w/o Bonuses or Overtime
• Engineering Technology Professionals $67-$157K per Year
• Geologists & Geophysicists $50-$200K per Year
• Professional Engineers $50-$215K per Year
• Seismic Operators $3-$8K per Month
• Drilling & Service Rig Operators
Roughneck – $300 per Day
Derrick Hand – $350 per Day
Truck Drivers – $350 per Day
Mud Logger – $350 per Day
Pumpers – $600 per Day
Directional Driller – $650 per Day
Consultant – $1000 per Day

For African Americans, education and training are key to preparing to participate in the workforce of the energy boom.

It is vital that we look to prepare our community for the new age! Pat Roder-CEO MCS

MCS is a Milwaukee based Employment and Training Program which has great success in training and helping to employ 1000 of individuals in Milwaukee.