Chris Moews says we need new leadership in the Sheriff’s office

Chris Moews

Chris Moews

I’m Chris Moews and I’m running for Milwaukee County Sheriff against David Clarke in the Democratic primary election on August 12.

As a decorated lieutenant with the Milwaukee Police Department, and with 20 years of law enforcement experience, I am committed to public safety and generating the higher quality of life that we all deserve.

My focus is on improving public safety.

For far too long, we have seen violence grow in our communities to the point of children getting shot in playgrounds.

This is no way for us to live our lives.

The current sheriff cut the sheriff’s drug unit, he cut the sheriff’s gun unit, and he eliminated the sheriff’s witness protection program.

Now we see Milwaukee being ranked the 10th most violent city in the nation.

We need a real sheriff who will restore these programs, work effectively with community stakeholders, and focus on public safety and not radical right-wing politics.

Not only do I have a strong record as a fair, just law enforcement officer, I also have a long record as a manager of coming in under budget.

In contrast, the current sheriff is on pace to be $4.6 million over budget this year while still gutting vital safety programs that our community needs.

The money he wastes on flat screen televisions and fancy gym equipment for his command staff, or on a horse patrol that looks pretty but doesn’t actually make us safer, is money that should be put back into public safety programs in order to protect our children and families.

We need a real leader in the Sheriff’s Office who isn’t afraid to work with county and local officials in order to create a better law enforcement network that will work effectively to rid our streets of the violence that threatens our way of life.

I’m supported by the Democratic Party, labor organizations, business leaders, and countless elected officials and community leaders.

Milwaukee County deserves better. We need a new sheriff who will focus on public safety, fiscal accountability, and leadership in order to improve our lives and clean up our streets.

I would be honored to have your vote on Tuesday, August 12.

Chris Moews’ campaign website is

The campaign phone number is (414) 810-6491 and the campaign encourages questions, and requests for yard signs.