Meet Bria Gant

Bria Grant

Bria Grant

My name is Bria Grant, candidate for State Representative in the 10th Assembly District.

I have lived in Milwaukee for most of my life. I grew up in the inner city Milwaukee, and experienced many of the same struggles of constituent in the District.

I have been able to navigate through these struggles because of the values of community and hard work, instilled in me by my mother, father, aunt, and grandmother.

I am an MPS graduate, and I have obtained a Bachelor of Science in Human Service from Springfield College. Since graduating, I have utilized my Human Service degree by serving those who suffer drug addictions, criminogenic behaviors, and other socio-economic. Issues.

Working with agencies such as Career Youth Development, Social Development Commission, Wisconsin Community Services, faith based organizations, group homes, and other community-based organizations to develop, and implement programs.

My experience working in Senator Lena Taylor’s office as a Constituent Service Director (which covers the entire 10th district), has given me the opportunity to witness true passion and dedication for the community.

Senator Lena Taylor serves as a mentor and is one of my biggest supporters. Public Service is something that flows through my veins. After over 10 years of working in and for the community, I know the type of integrity and leadership it will take to move the district forward.

As mother of two beautiful daughters, I understand how crucial the issues of education, healthcare, incarceration, and economic development are for the district. As an elected, I will work to address these issues.

bria-grant-10th-district-assembly-democratMy agenda is the agenda of the district and that transcend political allegiances, party lines, and political rhetoric.

We do not need more politicians, who will just read the party script and not hold them accountable to our community’s issues.

Our district has real challenges that require thoughtful, bold, and innovative solutions.

If you are looking for vision, leadership, and an advocate for the 10th District, I am the right choice.

I hope to earn your vote on August 12th!