Democratic party of Milwaukee County endorses Lt. Chris Moews for Sheriff

Chris Moews

Chris Moews

WEST ALLIS – The Democratic Party of Milwaukee County has endorsed Lieutenant Chris Moews to be Milwaukee County’s next Sheriff.

“Our diverse Party is united in support of Chris Moews for Sheriff,” said Marlene Ott, Chair of the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County.

“He has a strong record as a law enforcement leader and fiscal manager, and will bring a collaborative attitude to the Sheriff’s office.

“The current sheriff is an embarrassment to Milwaukee, whether one is discussing his inability to manage his budget, his inability to work effectively with others, or his inability to behave in an appropriate manner for a public official,” continued Ott, a retired South Milwaukee public school teacher and a resident of Greendale. “Lt. Moews is by far the best choice on August 12 and again in November.”

“It’s important to have a sheriff more concerned with enforcing the law than political grandstanding,” said State Rep. Mandela Barnes, who represents portions of Milwaukee and Glendale and serves as Vice-Chair of the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County.

“The people of Milwaukee County no longer trust the current sheriff.”

“It is a great honor to receive the endorsement and support of the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County,” said Moews, who currently serves as Executive Officer of District 7 on Milwaukee’s north side.

“Like most citizens of Milwaukee County, I believe what the Sheriff’s office needs most is a leader who will focus on public safety, who will collaborate with other law enforcement and municipal officials, and who will advocate effectively for an appropriate budget – and then manage to that budget.

“I am most comfortable in the Democratic Party, and I stand in support of working people and the equal rights of all citizens, said Moews.

“For historical reasons, the Wisconsin Constitution still holds that Sheriff is a partisan office.

But the Sheriff should treat all citizens equally, and work effectively with all no matter their creed, to make Milwaukee County safer and improve our quality of life.”

The partisan primary election will be held Tuesday, August 12, 2014.

Chris Moews is a lifelong resident of Milwaukee County and a decorated Lieutenant in the Milwaukee Police Department.

He is an expert instructor in law enforcement tactics, was recently named Homicide Investigator of the Year, and lives with his wife and two sons in Milwaukee’s Jackson Park neighborhood.