Job opportunities for minorities and women in the oil and natural gas industry

Tyra Metoyer, of the American Petroleum Institute speaks to WNOV AM Radio host Sherwin Hughes as former State Rep. Jason Fields listens. (Photo by Robert A. Bell)

Tyra Metoyer, of the American Petroleum Institute speaks to WNOV AM Radio host Sherwin Hughes as former State Rep. Jason Fields listens. (Photo by Robert A. Bell)

Tyra Metoyer of the American Petroleum Institute was here in Milwaukee meeting with African American community leaders.

Metoyer was brought here by Wisconsin Energy Citizens, a grassroots organization led by Mark Graul, CEO of Arena Strategy Group, and Former Wisconsin State Representative and now CEO of GlobalEx, LLC, Jason M. Fields.

Ms Metoyer gave a presentation to over 20 African American community leaders of various industries on the Employment Outlook & Opportunities for African Americans, Latino, and Women in the Oil and Natural Gas Industry.

She also met with Congresswoman Gwen Moore, about the study as well as addressed the Milwaukee community on 860am WNOV morning show, “The Forum” hosted by Sherwin Hughes.

Later that day, Metoyer introduced her friend, Grand Hank, an African American Hip Hop chemist, who educated and entertained approximately 650 students of Messmer High School with his unique method of teaching science using hip hop music!

Mark Graul, CEO of Arena Strategy Group, stated “this is an amazing event, Jason Fields and I worked hard on this, and we are glad to see so many students learning how important it is to work hard and fight for the opportunity to be all you can be.!”

Metoyer addressed the fact that: African-Americans labor participation in the Oil and Gas Industry at 8 percent is lower relative to their participation in the U.S. Economy as a whole. Percentage of U.S. Labor: Hispanic 15 percent African Americans 11 percent

About The American Petroleum Institute:

• The only national trade association that represents all aspects of America’s oil and natural gas industry.

• Represents members on legislative, regulatory, and other policy issues impacting the industry

• Speaks on behalf of the industry in a variety of forums and public events, including the media

• Provides services to members at both the national and state level, with 250 staff located in Washington, D.C. and in 33 state capitals

“When we look to securing our energy future it is within the context of the world’s needs and resources.

This picture of the world at night underscores the importance of energy to the quality of our lives. Most of us take it for granted.

We come home at night and flick on a switch and like magic light is there. We need a loaf of bread, we jump in our cars and go get it and think nothing of it.

But for 1.5 billion people or well over 20 percent of the world’s population, still lack daily access electricity.

There are women in Africa who spend five hours a day just collecting firewood.

It is clear that energy is the engine of our economic growth.

More energy means more jobs, higher incomes, greater economic growth.”, said Tyra Metoyer.

Having abundant, clean-burning, domestic, reliable supplies of natural gas means more affordable and more stable prices.

It means energy-intensive manufacturing companies, which had been moving overseas for cheaper energy, can stay home.

It means more jobs, and higher incomes, and a better energy future for all Americans.

Most jobs in our industry will require some kind of math and science.

Metoyer pointed out that:

32 percent of US Companies report a skill shortage and The U.S. graduated just 70,000 engineers.

While China graduated 500,000 engineers and India graduated 200,000

The Oil and Natural Gas Industry will provide High-Paying, Blue Collar Jobs with some post-secondary High-Paying training, certifications or 2-year degrees.

Likewise, opportunities as Engineers, Chemists, Researchers with 4-year STEM Degrees all the way to PhDs

It is important that we as African Americans begin to look for these opportunities and challenge our next generation, to not simply go to the athletic programs, but also go to the programs that will enhance your potential to get a Job in the future.

Jobs requiring STEM degrees are projected to increase four times as fast as overall job growth. Many job openings will not be filled by United States citizens (BHEF 2005).

Less than 40 percent of students intending to major in STEM fields upon college entrance actually complete a degree in these fields.

Less than 25 percent of underrepresented minorities intending to major in STEM actually complete a degree in these fields.

Metoyer also explained the types of Jobs as well as starting pay for some of those Jobs:

• Administrative Assistants

* $34-$42K per Year

• Control Centre Operators

* $60-$68K w/o Bonuses or Overtime

• Engineering Technology Professionals

* $67-$157K per Year

• Geologists & Geophysicists

* $50-$200K per Year

• Professional Engineers

* $50-$215K per Year

• Seismic Operators

* $3-$8K per Month

• Drilling & Service Rig Operators

* Roughneck – $300 per Day

* Derrick Hand – $350 per Day

* Truck Drivers – $350 per Day

* Mud Logger – $350 per Day

* Pumpers – $600 per Day

* Directional Driller – $650 per Day

* Consultant – $1000 per Day

She summed her presentation giving these final words:

• 950,000 Jobs by 2020 and 1.3 Million by 2030

• There are significant employment opportunities for African Americans and Hispanics in the oil and natural gas industry.

• 32% anticipated to be filled by African Americans and Latinos

• 63% expected to be in blue collar professions

• Education and training are key to preparing to participate in the workforce of the energy boom

• Strongest job growth could come in the Gulf and Eastern Regions

“I am pleased to bring something new to the city of Milwaukee, we must begin to look at where we can be most successful as a people, and we have to weigh in and get involved.

I want to thank Mark Graul for bringing me on board to help spearhead this movement of “Energy Citizens of Wisconsin” I want to thank many of you for joining this movement, and for signing up on our website:

“I look forward to continuing to Increase Opportunities for African Americans, Latinos, and Women in our city!” said Former State Rep, and now CEO of GlobalEx, LLC, Jason Fields.