Sheriff Clarke held a Motorcycle Safety Awareness news conference


Sheriff Clarke held a Motorcycle Safety Awareness news conference on Wednesday in the lot of the Harley- Davidson Museum, attended by the local media and members of Rolling Thunder and ABATE of Wisconsin. Motorcyclists don’t have the protections… of airbags or seatbelts, and motorists need to be aware that the motorcycles need a full lane width, and to allow for more following distance. The sheriff warned against drivers using their cell phones, telling people to put down the phones and drive before they kill someone. Motorists need to check their mirrors and blind spots, and use their turn signals. The aim is to reduce the number of crashes and fatalities. Motorcyclists need to do their part as well. Training and experience is critical for rider safety. The sheriff warned against bikers riding between cars when traffic has slowed or stopped. The last two points he made were to have motorcycle operators take the safety training or tests necessary to obtain the motorcycle endorsement on the drivers’ licenses, and to NEVER operate a motorcycle while impaired. Drivers and riders – start thinking now about safely sharing the road together. (Photo by Sheriff’s Department)