From the saddle to the pen, 8 year-old excels as Amazon bestselling author

Young, Gifted & Black Series

By Taki S. Raton

Sumayyah Muhammad

Sumayyah Muhammad

Following last year’s August 14, 2013 release date, her book was listed as among Amazon’s Top 100 Bestsellers for 7 months while also attracting during this period 18 fantastic reviews.

She is still and very much remains young, gifted and Black. Sumayyah Muhammad is the proud author of “Little Wisdom.”

This debut publication is described as an “inspirational book of poems from the mind of an eight year old girl.

Some will inspire you and some will make you laugh. This book focuses on everything from loving yourself, to family to death.”

We are honored to again include Sumayyah in our YG&B series.

She was featured in the September 14, 2013 Courier writing, “8 year-old equestrian has sights on the Olympics” citing her sincere vision, preparation, and determination to participate in the 2018 Junior Olympics in the equestrian category.

Now, just seven month following this September feature in addition to her aspiration of becoming a winning Olympic equestrian, the now 9 year-old has also become a renowned published writer with her title marketed for readers ages 4 and older.

“‘Little Wisdom’ by the very young and talented author, Sumayyah is a book of sunshine, wisdom, hope, and truth,” as quoted in an Urban Book Author and Writers of America review.

The account further adds that, “With clarity and purpose, Sumayyah talks about many aspects of life like having friends, family, happiness, loving yourself and appreciating life.

She even touches on the formidable topic of death which demonstrates the strong and courageous spirit that lives inside the mind of the young motivational writer.”

Many of the Amazon’s 5-Star reviews seem to be reflective of the same sentiments echoing repeatedly that, “wisdom can come with any age.”

Kiera from Atlanta writes that she purchased “Little Wisdom” for her 6 year old, “and as we read it together, I was very pleasantly surprised.

The author Sumayyah is truly wise beyond her years.

We could all learn a valuable lesson from her. And remember that you don’t have to be up in age to have wisdom.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and so did my niece. This is a fantastic book for young and old alike.”

Barbara Morgan from Memphis in her Amazon 5-Star review shares that the collection of writings if full of wisdom, hope, and truth.

She says that, “It was so amazing to read this book by Sumayyah.

This book of poetry can be a great motivation for people of all ages.”

Identifying herself as “bookworm73,” this Amazon reviewer posted last month on February 18, 2014 that, “I like this book because the writer is a brown girl just like me and she really likes horses and she loves her parents.

My mom gave me her book for Christmas and I like the pictures she had of her horse and all the prizes she has won.”

Toledo, Ohio’s Charmain Galloway in her 5-Star comments on “Little Wisdom,” “Congrats to you author Sumayyah on your debut poetry book.

I was amazed. I loved all of the positive poetry you wrote about loving yourself, your friends, your family and the environment.

The book was just beautiful and I can’t wait to read your next one.

I hope you take your book and read a few poems to the kids in the schools in your city, you will truly be an inspiration to the young generation. Good luck Sumayyah.

You have a bright future ahead of you.”

Originally from Pennsylvania, Sumayyah now lives in Virginia with her parents. She is the youngest of five siblings and is presently looking forward to a full schedule of book signing events.

On March 15, 19, and again on April 12 and 26, she will be at The Gallery at Military Circle Mall’s Southeast Virginia Author Showcase in Norfolk, Virginia.

On April 19, she is scheduled for the SP Children’s Book Fair at the Mulberry Inn in Newport News, Virginia.

“Sumayyah continues to shoot for the stars,” says her mother, Lisa Muhammad in a YG&B posted interview.

She adds that she lets her know that, “she should do the best that she can do and her dad and I will always be there to support her.”

Mrs. Muhammad shares with her daughter that there is nothing wrong with being different from friends as everyone is unique and that even though she has been getting much attention from family, friends, and from the social media, “I remind her to always remains humble.”

Her father, Eric Muhammad says of Sumayyah that she is an intelligent and creative child. “She is very happy, upbeat and a bit of a perfectionist,” he adds.

Muhammad recalls that during the early stages, “I knew it would be more than an average 8 year-old writing, but I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised how well it was written and how profound was her poetic voice.”

He adds that he is, “very, very proud of her and I get inspiration from many of the poems as well.”

Sumayyah describes herself on her website as a fun-loving and smart nine year-old who loves to “play with her friends, go to school, read, write and go to Monster Truck shows.”

She reveals that her favorite truck is “Gravedigger.” Additional to writing, her first love, however, is horses.

In the YG&B September profile, the 8 year-old 45-pounder successfully demonstrated that she is able to control a 1,000- pound horse.

Young Sumayyah has been riding now for upwards of two years. She won first place in an equestrian competition after riding only for close to four months.

As quoted by her father in a Final Call newspaper account on his daughter, “riding gives Sumayyah a confidence and sense of accomplishment.

Years ago, she was afraid to even get on a horse, let alone ride.

She seems to love the beauty of horses,” he says.

Academically, she is a straight “A” student which will earn her scholarship opportunities.

Looking ahead to the Olympics, Sumayyah would have turned thirteen and would become one of the youngest Black equestrians to compete.

The Muhammad’s are currently looking for land in Virginia to open an equestrian center for young Black riders, male and female, in an effort to inspire and cultivate interest in the sport among African American youth.

Sumayyah has already decided on a name – “Olympian Equestrian Center.”

The Final Call submits that there are other young, Black female equestrians, “but not many.

Still slowly but surely, more are on the rise.”

The first Black female equestrian ever to become a member of the U.S. Equestrian Team was Donna Marie Cheeks who competed 23 years ago and earned a medal in the 1990 Olympics.

“We would like to share this sport as an opportunity for our young people and as an alternative,” says Muhammad in the September YG&B writing. “Not all of us can earn scholarships playing basketball, baseball or football. If we show our children different avenues for success, they can and will accomplish what they desire.”

“Little Wisdom” will be available at Readers Choice Bookstore here in Milwaukee located at 1950 North Martin Luther King Drive.

For purchase information, please contact proprietor Carla Allison at (414) 265-2003.

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