Career Youth Development announces new leadership

Career Youth Development Inc. (CYD) is proud to announce the re-emergence of new leadership with Morris Brazil III as the chairman of the board of directors and Elizabeth Coggs as the executive director.

“This dynamic duel knows that they will have some mountains to climb to lift CYD back to the top; they are ready, willing and able, said Margaret Gutter, a long-time board member.

Chairman Morris Brazil III began his dedication to CYD as a youth worker and has continued his commitment throughout the years.

Chairman Morris Brazil III shared, “although CYD has had some challenges in the past 18 months, the board knows that Elizabeth Coggs is the right person to steer CYD in the right direction.”

Elizabeth Coggs, former Milwaukee County Supervisor and Wisconsin State Representative brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the agency.

Coggs is well known to the broader community as a passionate supporter of CYD as she has volunteered with them in many capacities through the years.

For 43 years, CYD has been a fixture in the central city a Milwaukee community providing services and carrying out the mission of founders Jeanetta Robinson and Mother Claretta Simpson.

Elizabeth Coggs stated “I am proud to be the new executive director of Career Youth Development, Inc., (CYD) and I am committed to bringing stability to the organization and having CYD on the cutting edge in bringing prosperity to youth and families.

We all will observe and experience a CYD Renaissance.”