Some Supervisors are asking County Executive to issue a new Transit RFP

County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic, Supervisors Michael Mayo, Sr., Anthony Staskunas and Theo Lipscomb said this week that it is “time for Milwaukee County to move forward on transit,” calling on the County Executive to re-open transit bids.

Mayo, Chairman of Administrative Determination Review Committee (ADRC), and Staskunas, Vice-Chairman, said that since the ADRC rejected the process that awarded a transit contract, it was critical that a new Request for Proposal be issued as soon as possible.

Staskunas said the ADRC, with the assistance and guidance of Milwaukee County Corporation Counsel, deliberated carefully, and he said that the County Executive could learn from the findings of the Committee to improve the process.

“It is up to the County Executive to issue a new RFP that is transparent, above-board and reasonable,” Staskunas said.

“All interested parties should come forward in a new process that is fair and objective.

The Administration can learn from past mistakes and take steps to make this new process a fair one.”

Mayo, who is also Chairman of the County Board’s Transportation, Public Works and Transit Committee, pointed out that neither his committee nor the County Board had ever received a copy of the proposed contract.

Lipscomb said: “The residents and employers of Milwaukee County expect a dependable transportation system and we have a duty to ensure a responsible process is used to protect the public and provide the community with the best value.”

Lipscomb added that the Board has already voted to begin transitioning transit in-house starting April 1, and pursuing an RFP for management on a parallel track is not inconsistent with that policy.

“The time is now for the County Executive and the County Board to come together and find the best way to move forward,” Dimitrijevic said.

“Public transit is vital to growing our local economy and we are looking for the most efficient, modern, and reliable way for our residents to get around our county.”