Foster Parent Appreciation

Joining in the festivities of the event includes Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Community Services team members from (l to r): Robert Duncan, Arles Lawrence, Amy Basting, Langston Verdin, Laura Goba, Andrea Rivera de Vega and Anthony D. Smith. (Photo by Robert A. Bell)

Showing appreciation for foster parents was the theme for a recent event honoring foster parents who open their homes for kids who need love and guidance. There are over two thousand kids placed with foster parents and much more waiting to be given a “HOME”.

While it is true that not every child is placed, the Hope of finding that compatibility of love and connection still exists. Foster parenting is a “Special” calling that not everyone hears. The process is not simple, there is an educational, informative, support services and finally approval to nurture, mold, support a young child who grows up to be a proud person.

Children in foster care could stay with a family who provides safety, nurturing support and role model for changes.

Being a child now a days is not easy with challenges of abuse-neglect and dependency. At times the state steps in and offers or places a child in custody to these services. Every effort is made to keep children with their families, unless the safety or needs indicate otherwise. A safe home is needed for children while they and the family heal.

Foster parents are needed for children of all ages and races, especially in the area of keeping siblings together. Foster parents receive financial reimbursements and health care for their foster child. But the greatest reward is the “Love” returned of the child.

For information on Foster Parenting, Please contact: Milwaukee Children’s Hospital- Community Services.