Chris Moews responds to Sheriff Clarke’s remarks on Sandy Hook tragedy

Chris Moews, who challenged Sheriff David Clarke in the 2010 race for Milwaukee County Sheriff and is currently preparing to run again in 2014, responded this week to a shocking, inappropriate, and unprofessional rant the Sheriff made following last week’s tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.

Moews made the following statement:

“The shooting last week at Sandy Hook Elementary was horrific. In the wake of such a tragedy, Americans have come together for a moment of national mourning, reflection, and thoughtful discussion about the kind of society we want to build. Whether the issue is gun control, mental health, or violence in the media, now is a time for meaningful conversation rather than childish, political ranting and raving.

“The opinion piece that Sheriff Clarke posted online was not thoughtful, professional, or appropriate for the tragedy that just occurred. He began his rant by complaining about the politicization of the event and then went on to politicize it for himself as much as possible. This editorial is not becoming of the office of the Milwaukee County Sheriff and it is an embarrassment for our community.

“This is hardly the first time in the past two years the Sheriff has made inappropriate comments but these have been by far the most offensive ones yet. It is time for new leadership in the Sheriff’s Office: leadership that will be patient, inclusive, and willing to listen to a diversity of views and opinions. Unfortunately, this has not been the leadership Milwaukee County has seen under Sheriff Clarke.”

Sheriff Clarke’s rant can be viewed at