Sponsor Addi Jean, the Zoo’s baby Bactrian camel

Here is a cool idea for a holiday or winter birthday gift: sponsor Addi Jean (A.J.), the Milwaukee County Zoo’s baby Bactrian camel. A.J. was born on May 4, 2012. Sponsors can visit A.J. this winter and watch her frolic in the snow. That’s because Bactrian camels thrive in cold weather.

Sponsor A.J. for just $30 and help support all the animals at the Zoo. An animal sponsorship makes a great gift for holidays, birthdays and other special events. To purchase, go to www.zoosociety.org and click on the plush-toy camel picture, or call the Zoological Society of Milwaukee at (414) 258-2333.

The sponsorship package includes a plush-toy camel, a 4-by-6-inch photo of Addi Jean, a certificate of sponsorship, a colorful Bactrian camel fact sheet, an invitation to a behind-the-scenes event for animal sponsors at the Zoo in August, sponsor recognition on the Zoo’s “All in the Family” donor board for one year— and more.

This sponsorship is offered though the Zoological Society’s Sponsor an Animal program, which helps support all the animals at the Zoo. This offer runs through Jan. 31, 2013. Send your gift anywhere in the continental United States for $30 (plus $5 shipping and handling).

The mission of the non-profit Zoological Society of Milwaukee is to conserve animals, to educate people about wildlife and the environment and to support the Milwaukee County Zoo.