Sen. Taylor applauds end of LogistiCare contract

Cites opportunity for DHS and the people of Wisconsin

(MADISON) – Senator Lena C. Taylor (D-Milwaukee) has responded to news that LogistiCare has terminated its contract with DHS:

“Wisconsin’s non-emergency medical transportation provider has ended their contract with the state, a solution many citizens will undoubtedly consider a welcome result,” said Senator Taylor.

“LogistiCare had been under fire for some time for its enormous failures in providing services to citizens. In a hearing on October 18, Senator John Erpenbach and I pressed LogistiCare for answers. In the face of enormous criticism from disappointed clients, representatives from LogistiCare promised changes to their organization. Now, it is admirable for LogistiCare to have stepped aside for a fresh start.”

“We held LogistiCare accountable, and we listened to the people. Now, Wisconsin can create a contract that identifies the state and clients’ needs. This is an unmistakable opportunity to seek a provider who respects those needs.”