America votes against lies, trickery and deception, Romney exit left

By Lynda L. Jones

Mitt Romney (Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Americans came out by the millions and voted against the lies, trickery and deception that Republicans, Tea Partiers, and other opponents have put out since President Obama was elected the first time around.

Now, that it is clear that the President has another four years to keep moving the country forward, there is no reason for senate and congressional republicans to continue to block bills that will help in the recovery of America.

The Jobs Act should be passed. The Affordable Health Care Act should continue to move forward, where it has already served as a valuable asset for millions of American families. The Dream Act should be passed, and the list goes on.

The entire movement that was sparked almost four years ago to prevent President Obama from obtaining a second term was horrific and Americans proved on Nov. 6, 2012 that this is not the divisive picture that the majority of Americans want to be known for.

Now, it is time for legislators to do their jobs, and put their personal feelings aside and represent what everyday Americans want for this country.

Voters showed that elections will not be bought. It shows that your individual votes count, no matter how fair or unfair others try to stack the deck against you.

Republicans and opponents tried with Voter ID and when that didn’t work, they tried voter intimidation. In Wisconsin and Ohio, we saw billboards that were paid for by a private family that attempted to intimidate voters with warnings of voter fraud penalties and jail time. These billboards were primarily displayed in minority majority areas. Protests and outrage from the public and activist groups helped to encourage Clear Channel, the billboard company to take another look at these tactics, and they decided to remove them, because the family did not want to reveal themselves. In the end, they were revealed anyway.

There were also reports of employers threatening workers with losing their jobs if they voted for President Obama instead of Mitt Romney. Faith and community leaders here in Milwaukee filed a formal complaint against the CEO of Rite-Hite Michael White for violating Wisconsin election law. In a letter he urged his employees to “understand the personal consequences…if President Obama is re-elected.” The letter went on to threaten the security of employees’ retirement accounts and health care plans, stating that if the President is re-elected, “Every opportunity to make up for lost profits to taxes will have to be evaluated.”

Romney along with those who think like him and believed that being White, rich and a man was all it took to be elected as President. Well, you were wrong. Voters have demonstrated that when you don’t take a stand on anything, you will fall for everything, and American voters took a stand and re-elected President Barack H. Obama for four more years!