The next sight

The Institute of Kings and Priests, Inc.
Shone Bagley, Sr. Ph.D. – Chairman/CEO
Apostle to the Sons of the Light

Shone Bagley, Sr.

Shone Bagley, Sr.

It flies around looking for those who are keeping the voice of the one who created the Heaven and Earth. It flies around and sees. The Spirit that comes from the Almighty in Heaven is tired and it must rest for its “Heart” has come to the end.

You see it not, for it blends with the winds of the four corners of this Earth. You know it, for when it goes in another direction, the prince of this world is let go and kills and destruction is followed within those winds. The Almighty sees and the Almighty hears but who is keeping the voice of the one who created the Heaven and Earth?

A man is in his house and he tells his kids they cannot go outside until the room is clean. The man hears the cries and sees what is going on in the room, still he waits for the kids to do what he said. They turn on the music and sing to the father in how great he is, still the man waits for them to do what he told them to do. The kids then take the time and prepares a dance for their father and he sees, still the man waits for the kids to do what he said for them to do. The night falls… and the morning comes, and the kids still want to go outside. The man still tells them as he did yesterday.

If 1 day of our Heavenly Father time equals 1000 years of HIS children’s time, then how many days have we wanted and our Father still says NO. In all of those years, all those people, how many died, how many souls will not make it in Heaven (Our Fathers House) because the words HE gave to us have not been obeyed?

Jesus came and is the mediator, called the Lamb, to take away the “sins” – of all those who transgress (disobeyed) against the Commandments/ Laws of the Almighty Father in Heaven. Still you have to obey! You are forgiven for the past – the future still could label you as a soul that disobeys – thus you cannot enter Heaven. All those who disobey the Father are a child of Satan, for Satan disobeyed from the beginning. All those souls who disobey are no longer called “Children of God” but are now called “Devils”. You know them from TV as the “ghost” that haunts.

It has been over 2000 years since Jesus’ death. That is only two days of the Almighty Father’s time.

Disobey verses obey is the love the Spirit of the Almighty Father is seeking within the winds. Since Jesus, the Lamb, the World is worse off. Satan’s will is at hand. Thus, Satan will be locked up next. For the purpose of proving that your acts are not with the influences of Satan. After the 1000 years – one day to the Almighty Father – Satan will be let loose and the war will be as none EVER have been.

Time is unknown. So let me give you a hint of where we are:

1. Who is making you do what you do ___ Satan or ___ you? Drought/Fire/Famine is all over… Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Spain, all over Europe and USA.

This is the work of the Kingdom of the All Mighty God in Heaven. Money, depression and jobs are the works of man. Given to a point – If you stated “you” then you know Satan is locked up. For we know that Satan talked to Jesus in the wilderness.

And if Satan is locked up, then all that you see is because of the disobedient of the children / Sons of God. All the Drought/Fire/Famine/ Floods/Storms – this is only the beginning, and when Satan is let loose, tribulation and after tribulation…

—– to be continued —–

The Institute of Kings and Priests, Inc.
Shone Bagley, Sr., Ph.D.
Apostle to the Sons of the Light