Cong. Gwen Moore commemorates Labor Day, and speaks at opening of DNC

Wisconsin Congresswoman Gwen Moore is shown above as she participated in the recent grassroots event in Milwaukee that featured First Lady Michelle Obama at Bradley Tech. (Photo by Robert A. Bell)

Congresswoman Gwen Moore commemorated the celebration of Labor Day with the following remarks: “President Obama has said ‘Since our Nation’s founding, working Americans have carried us through times of challenge and uncertainty and propelled America through eras of peace and prosperity and they have long formed the backbone of our Nation’s economy.’ In that same spirit we celebrate 133 years of a movement that is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of all American workers- Labor Day.

“This holiday was first coined as ‘workingmen’s holiday.’ More than 100 years after the first Labor Day observance, we continue to acknowledge the contributions of workers who embody the strength, prosperity, well-being, and fighting spirit our country was founded upon.

“Over the past year, the hard working people of Wisconsin demonstrated their fighting spirit by rallying against those who threatened to cut state employees’ benefits and strip unions of their collective bargaining rights. This clear attack on workers’ rights sparked a labor movement that swept across the nation; restoring the long-preserved American tradition of democracy in the workplace. The fight for worker’s rights still continues.

“Wisconsin’s workforce is among the best in the nation and I am proud to stand up for the workers of my home state and across this country and support initiatives that increase employment and ensure our country is on a path towards a strong economic recovery.”

“Today and always let us continue to honor and support our American workforce.”

Congresswoman Moore was also a featured speaker at during the opening of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) held in Charlotte, N.C., joined by other female members of Congress, she discussed her passion for issues and concerns that affect women. Moore, a survivor of domestic violence and rape herself, stressed how the Obama Administration has been an advocate for women’s rights. She spoke on how women needed to be protected in the areas of abuse and rape, and she pointed out that the Republicans have gone to the extreme to attempt to even re-define what “rape” is.

Moore spoke on being a mother of three and grandmother of three granddaughters. Her speech also highlighted the role of women serving in Congress.

“I’m working hard to end violence against women,” Moore said.

“No victim of domestic violence or bullying, man or woman, should feel unprotected in America,” Moore said.

Moore said President Obama is working for the equality of women.

“Vice President Biden wrote the Violence Against Women Act and he and President Obama and democrats are standing strong to prevent violence for all,” Moore said.

Moore also charged Republicans with ignoring women’s issues. “They’ve even tried to change the definition of rape. The Democratic women of the House will fight violence against all women,” Moore said.