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The Institute of Kings and Priests, Inc.
Shone Bagley, Sr.
Ph.D. – Chairman/CEO
Apostle to the Sons of the Light

Shone Bagley, Sr.

Shone Bagley, Sr.

If you had to, would you give your life for the one you love? I mean, if evil was standing in front of you and behind you were the ones you love, would evil have to kill you to get to them?

So many times we stand in life with only one thought, “what about ME.”

Now, don’t get me wrong, self has to work or you don’t eat, and self has to be clean, and self has to live… but self will have to die one day. So the question is, “how?” How will you die? Will the one you love so much be behind you? Is God behind you and evil in front of you? Or are you running from evil to God, as a child does to their parents when they get scared?

A child of God is just that, a child running from the very one who is to kill, steal and destroy. Running to Father and wanting the Father to change your diapers, and give to you… milk — because that is what children drink. Going to your rooms called, “church.” Playing, while singing your songs and dancing knowing this is a place safe from the danger.

A Son, we the Sons of God, are those who stand in front of God and in front of our neighbors and we face evil head on. We do not run from those who are weaker than what is within us. We do not run from, but we stand. Fear is always present, but it is within that fear that proves who we are as Sons of God. We understand it is fear that pushes us to victory. To turn is a coward and brings defeat and shame. How can you boast knowing that evil is killing your neighbor and offending your GOD? How do you live?

The Sons of God know that our Father stated that we are to have dominion over the Earth. To not grow into this gift, is to slap God in HIS face and be a baby forever and never taking a stand on anything and never defending those who evil is stealing from. Never defending those who evil is killing, and never defending those who it is destroying. Thus your part of the world is evil and you are in your rooms scared!!!

Followers of Jesus:

  1. Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.
    (Matt 10:34) – Jesus is a Son of God not a child.
  2. Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.
    (Matt 5:48) – As God is HOLY so shall his Sons be, holy. How can you fight evil if you have evil within you?
  3. If ye love me, keep my commandments.
    (John 4:15) – Obedience is the ONLY way to SHOW love. A man sitting in a chair while the wife works all day and night, cooking and taking care of the kids and the man says, “I love you baby.” You are that man, and Jesus looks at you and says, “If you love me, do some work!”

At the end of time, when you stand in front of the Holy Chamber where GOD is in His throne; where Jesus is standing on the right hand and the Holy Ghost is there as is your Guardian Angel, who wrote your books. At your end when you stand there the questions are:

  1. Whose character do you have? A Son Holy or is there evil within you?
  2. Did you obey MY commandments and Laws?
  3. Do I see the Mark of the Beast on your forehead and hand?

If you can answer these questions now, then you know what the answer will be at the end.

—– to be continued —–

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Shone Bagley, Sr., Ph.D.
Apostle to the Sons of the Light