City receives check to assist property owners

Alderman Joe Davis joined by Common Council president Willie L. Hines, Jr, Alderman Ashanti Hamilton, along with other representatives of Milwaukee accepted the $57,000 check from Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA). The check was presented to the city by Brad Carmichael, vice president of business development for SLWA. (Photo by Robert A. Bell)

The City of Milwaukee was presented with a $57,000 check last Thursday to be used to assist property owners in making repairs to broken or damaged sewer lines, according to Alderman Joe Davis, Sr.

The check was presented to the city by Brad Carmichael, vice president of business development for Service Line Warranties of America, during a news conference on April 5, 2012 hosted by Alderman Davis in the first floor rotunda at City Hall, 200 E. Wells St.

Alderman Davis said the payment is being made in good faith as the city is “on the front lines” in its participation in a new, optional warranty protection program for sewer lines provided through the National League of Cities (NLC) Service Line Warranty Program. Letters about the program are being mailed to City of Milwaukee homeowners.

“The generous $57,000 check is helpful and positive, as it means we will be able to use it to make some sizable repairs to sewer lines, without any use of taxpayer dollars,” Alderman Davis said.

Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) is offering the program as an affordable way to prevent the unexpected and large expenses associated with a sewer line break. Alderman Davis, who last year sponsored successful Common Council legislation bringing the program to Milwaukee, said many property owners are not fully aware that they are responsible for the sewer lines that go from their home to the point of connection with the city-owned main sewer.

The cost for citizens who choose to purchase the warranty protection can either be $9.50 per month or for a full year at $100 ($8.33 per month), and will cover sewer line repairs up to $6,000 plus an additional allowance of $4,000 for public street cutting, if needed. The program is being offered at no cost to the City of Milwaukee.