Milwaukee Courier endorsement: Willie Hines for 15th District Alderman

Hines will build on strong record of leadership, results to lead Milwaukee into the future

Willie Hines Jr.

When the voters of the 15th Aldermanic District head to the polls on April 3rd, they should cast their vote for the candidate who is most likely to bring new business development, affordable housing opportunities, and fight unemployment in the central city. In our opinion, that candidate is Common Council President and incumbent Willie Hines.

President Hines has been at the forefront of the City’s effort to combat unemployment, particularly for African American males. He partnered with Alderman Zielinski to create the African American Male Unemployment Task Force, and has lead the effort towards implementing the recommendations of the recent disparity study, which found that African American firms and workers are often unfairly passed on for city work.

Additionally, President Hines has brought much needed creativity and leadership towards addressing the foreclosure crisis in our neighborhoods. Partnering with Mayor Tom Barrett, the Neighborhood Stabilization Program is making needed improvements to foreclosed properties while creating employment for people in the 15th District. We also applaud his recent proposal that will turn tenants on city owned properties, over time, into homeowners. This proposal looks to be both efficient and effective in moving foreclosed properties back into private ownership while freeing city resources.

The progress in the district becomes evident when travelling the major corridors in the District. As President Hines rightfully pointed out at a candidate forum on March 17th at the Northside YMCA, his outreach, advocacy, and dedication have lead to millions of dollars of new commercial, residential, and mixed-use development in the 15th District, including the Northside YMCA itself.

Finally, with Mayor Barrett eyeing a Gubernatorial run this summer, it is worth mentioning the potential for President Hines to become acting Mayor, similar to Marvin Pratt in 2004. This represents a monumental opportunity for the African American community of Milwaukee, and provides an additional reason for why this is a great time to support Willie Hines.

The 15th District needs a representative a City Hall with the leadership, vision and experience to deliver real results to its residents. Incumbent Willie Hines has demonstrated during his tenure on the Common Council that he is this type of representative. Therefore, we strongly endorse Willie Hines for re-election on April 3rd.