Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee receives grant for financial literacy for young learners

Youngsters of the Boys & Girls Club will have the opportunity to learn financial literacy through fun, games and creative programs thanks to the grant awarded to the club by PNC Bank.

Learning how to manage money can’t start early enough. That’s why the PNC Foundation is awarding a $75,000 grant to Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee for a new program to teach local children about sharing, saving and spending and to equip their parents to reinforce the lessons. “For Me, For You, For Later” helps young children begin to understand the value of money using their everyday actions and those of their parents.

Thanks to the grant from PNC Foundation, the program will be implemented at 10 Boys & Girls Clubs locations over the next two school years and summer months. The Clubs will also offer family-friendly events tied to “For Me, For You, For Later.” In addition, PNC employee volunteers will help deliver programming after school, working closely with Club members to help them understand the value of making smart money choices. The grant is in support of Grow Up Great, PNC’s innovative early childhood education program, which has been extended by $250 million over 10 years to reach more children, families and teachers.

Vincent Lyles, president & CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee, Beth Wnuk, regional president for Wisconsin, PNC Bank and children and staff from Daniels- Mardak Boys & Girls Club announced the program on Friday, Jan. 13 at Daniels-Mardak Boys & Girls Club, 4834 N. 35th St. Early learners and their families engaged in activities including; Spending, Sharing; draw colorful pictures demonstrating Values; and helping Elmo identify things he needs verses what he wants.

PNC recognizes that learning in a child’s early years is essential for his or her long-term success. Through Grow Up Great, a multi-year bilingual program in early childhood education, PNC provides the leadership, advocacy, funding, tools, and volunteers to help educate parents, caregivers, and communities on how to prepare young children for success in school and life.