County Supervisor Eyon Biddle, Sr., hits the ground running: first to file nomination papers for the 15th Aldermanic District

Milwaukee County Supervisor Eyon Biddle, Sr. was not only the first candidate to turn in his nomination signatures, but also exceeded the minimum needed to hit the ground running to take on a 16-year incumbent in Milwaukee’s 15th Aldermanic District. Biddle filed his signatures on December 20th, 2011, just one week after declaring his intent to become the next alderman for Milwaukee’s 15th District.

“My decision to run is based on the countless contacts I’ve received from people throughout the 15th District who don’t see city government working for them. The current leadership is out of touch with the times and needs of the people of the district,” said Supervisor Biddle.

The campaign attributed its fast turn around to the community’s desire to elect an alderman who will be their advocate, champion, and represent their interests while pushing bold ideas to transform the district.

“The people of the 15th District deserve more. More jobs, more security, and more opportunity. When I decided to run, I pledged to be a bold champion who will stand up and fight for our community’s poor and working class families. That message is resonating with the people at the doors, who have been suffering through a depression- like crisis for nearly 20 years. Status quo politics and leadership are no longer acceptable. If we want more, we must do more,” said Supervisor Biddle

The Biddle for Milwaukee campaign has found extremely active support amongst young people and residents who have been hit the hardest by the economic crisis in the 15th district.

“Young people in the 15th District need someone to fight for us. As a County Supervisor, Eyon has provided strong leadership for the underrepresented and the unemployed,” said Jeffery Roman, a 15th District resident and Biddle for Milwaukee volunteer.

Roman says that Biddle’s “Ban the Box” equal opportunity job legislation, Human Trafficking and Youth Task Forces and “Ready to Work” job creation initiative were strong indications of Biddle’s commitment to the community and drive to make a difference.

“He’s really a passionate, driven, unorthodox, and creative person who focuses on solutions. His legislation has been thoughtful and targeted on the real needs of the people he’s representing. So, I genuinely feel included, heard and part of the solutions. This is what the people of the 15th District need and deserve more of,” said Roman.

Biddle says that the outpouring of support from 15th District residents is the central focus of his campaign.

“People will try to distract voters from the real issues. However, I will continue to run a campaign that is focused on the needs of the people in the 15th District. Together we can challenge the status quo and shake up Milwaukee political insiders who have for too long ignored the residents,” said Biddle.