Breast Cancer Community Education event to be held on Oct. 8

The NAACP is pleased to partner with St. Mary’s – Columbia, the Milwaukee Health Department Well Women Program and Sandford Brown Medical Assistant Program, to provide breast cancer community education and screening in minority communities. The event will be October 8, 2011 from 8:00am – 12:00pm at the Milwaukee office of the NAACP, located on King Drive.

This event will help promote breast cancer awareness and screening for women both with private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare and those without access and resources. Women without access and resources may qualify for the Wisconsin Well Women Program which also provides other women’s health screenings. The Milwaukee Health Department will provide information regarding eligibility, referral and followup regarding Well Women Program.

Breast cancer disease and mortality is one of the most glaring health disparities of women of color. The NAACP is pleased to support and participate in this initiatives.