YMCA Black Achievers 30th Annual Scholarship & Awards Gala

By Sadie James

Hupy & Abraham, S.C. Employees, Jennifer Canavan, Legal Assistant, Sarah Olsen, Paralegal, Attorneys Amanda Prit & Todd Korb, Mr. Gerald Korb, Justine Hall, Adult Achiever and Attorney Evan Claditis

The YMCA of Greater Milwaukee held its 30th Annual Black Achievers Scholarship & Awards Gala at the Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee on Friday, September 9, 2011. The Black Achievers program is a national college readiness initiative designed to help young African American youth pursue higher education and set career goals. Youth are assisted with raising their academic standards, developing a positive sense of self and character building through interaction with experienced, community minded African American “Adult Achievers” who serve as mentors.

Adult Achievers assist with the student’s preparation for continued leadership and education after high school. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in the Black College Tour. The tour exposes them to diverse college and career options by visiting historically black college campuses around the country. Adult Achievers are sponsored by local businesses and organizations. Hupy & Abraham, S.C. sponsored Mrs. Justine Hall. She is a teacher at The King’s Academy, a college prepatory school for grades six through twelve. Mrs. Hall performed numerous hours of volunteer service. “The law firm has sponsored the Black Achievers program for nineteen consecutive years and we are proud to have sponsored Mrs. Hall’s involvement”, said Attorney Hupy.

The event featured an overview of the activities of the past year and the awards presentation for outstanding performance. Jasmine Roberson was presented the 2011 Teen Achiever Award. Dion Saffold is the 2011 Alumni Achiever and Mekisha Linton received the 2011 Adult Achiever and Champion Achiever Awards. There were 22 Black Achievers in the class of 2011-2012. Each of the recipients graciously thanks the organization and expressed their commitment to the program.