Milwaukee League hits the streets for Recall Election

Wisconsin’s recall elections begin next Tuesday, but after recent turmoil in the Statehouse over Voter ID and Election laws, many young voters are still wondering what the requirements are to participate. That’s why the Milwaukee League of Young Voters Education Fund, a youth-led social justice organization, is canvassing seven days a week to inform voters about how to get out and vote next Tuesday.

First-time or lapsed Voters can utilize same-day registration at the polls to register and cast a ballot. Due to the recently-passed Voter ID law, voters will be asked to show ID, but will not be required to produce a photo ID to vote. To find out your registration status and where you cast your ballot, please visit

“Everyone should be concerned about this upcoming recall due to the health care issues at hand, as well as our unemployment rates, and job and education cuts,” says Romero Davis, Milwaukee League Field Manager. “The seat can be filled by any candidate; the issue is figuring out who has Milwaukee’s best interest in mind. I encourage people to do their research and to get out and vote. Your vote matters and has the power to make dramatic changes in our lives and communities.”

Voters will be deciding on representation in Wards 38, 40, 147, 150, 258, 259, 260, 261, 263, and 265. For more information contact Jayme Montgomery Baker, State Director, Milwaukee League 414.236.1002

The League of Young Voters Education Fund (known locally as the Milwaukee League / Campaign Against Violence) works in low-income communities and communities of color to train and organize young Americans to become players and winners in the civic process.