Time Warner Cable boosts internet speeds

While they were sleeping last night, Time Warner Cable customers in eastern Wisconsin automatically received faster speeds for Internet service at no additional charge.

“We substantially increased our download speeds and essentially doubled upload speeds for all of our Standard and Turbo Internet service customers,” says Tom Adams, regional vice president operations, Time Warner Cable Wisconsin.

Time Warner Cable High Speed Data customers now receive up to 10 mbps download speeds and 1 mbps upload speeds for Road Runner Standard (from 7 mbps download and 512 kbps upload.) These changes will give Time Warner Cable High Speed Data customers uniform speeds across most of the Midwest Region. Service Speeds RR Lite 768K / 128k RR Basic 2M/ 384k RR Standard 10M / 1M RR Turbo 15M / 1M RR Extreme 30M / 5M Wideband 50M / 5 M

“This service upgrade demonstrates our commitment to deliver enhanced value to our customers. We are satisfying their thirst for more throttle,” says Adams. “The extra bandwidth will allow customers to download files, stream a TV show and upload photos all without missing a beat.”

The company recently introduced two new superfast speeds in the Wisconsin area. Customers also have the option of purchasing or upgrading to its new, faster Wideband Internet or Road Runner Extreme service. Wideband Internet–the fastest residential Internet experience in the area–provides customers with incredible speeds up to 50 mbps downstream and 5 mbps upstream for $99.95 per month. Road Runner Extreme delivers speeds up to 30 mbps downstream and 5 mbps upstream for just $19.95 more than the most popular Road Runner Standard service . Road Runner Extreme is a great alternative for families on a budget who desire extra speed.

“As customers expand their use of the Internet, our services are evolving to meet their needs,” says Adams. “These new service offerings demonstrate the robust capacity and adaptability of our network and Time Warner Cable’s commitment to deliver cuttingedge products and services that address the growing needs of both the tech-savvy user and multi-media families who simply want the fastest speeds right now. Whatever your need for speed is—we have it!” concludes Adams.

Visit Time Warner Cable Wisconsin’s website – http://www.timewarnercable.com/wisconsin for more information about Wideband Internet and Road Runner Extreme and other Time Warner Cable services.