Milwaukee artists team up with The Black Student Union at MATC to give back to local community center

Legends In The Making

Teen’s passion for community outreach and creative arts inspired a premiere collection of nearly a dozen Milwaukee entertainers to collaborate with the BSU on a fundraiser event to upgrade the common area for the Teens at the Neighborhood House of Milwaukee.

The event, Legends In The Making: Do You Believe In Our City’s Future? is scheduled for Friday, June 17, 2011 at MATC’s Cooley Auditorium. With the purchase of the $20 ticket, you can expect a gumbo of R&B, Hip-Hop and Poetry from the city’s top artist to include: Dameon Ellzey (of the infamous Black Elephant), Darryl “The Gift” Jackson, Yetunde Bronson (co-founder of Growing Nation), Speak Easy, and teen sensation Que. Artist Que met the teens during the time he was looking for extras to help with the filming of his video, “Can’t Keep Running Away”. The video gained national recognition while the nation was launching its anti-bullying campaign and some of the teens from the Neighborhood House of Milwaukee participated as major characters. Here is the link

Most of the other artists are full time educators in their own rights; teachers, youth counselors, and mentors. After visiting the teen center and meeting with the youth who shared the gambit of projects they had been working on: a Skate-A-Thon for Hunger Task Force, Flo House Café (an open mic event they facilitate to share their talents), and Family Fun Nights to name a few, Poet Darryl “The Gift” Jackson had this to say about the teens,

“I love what these teens are doing here. They seem motivated to step outside of the box that society has placed most youth with similar backgrounds. Its extra special to see teens who don’t have much, wanting to give to others. That makes me want to do something more for them!”

In addition to sponsoring the Legends In The Making event, the Black Student Union has committed to a relationship of volunteerism with the teen program at the Neighborhood House of Milwaukee which will include the re-decorating party, college prep mentoring and more.

For more information or for tickets, go to: or call 414-502-7478.