HIRE Center puts displaced workers on the road to employment

Staff at the Milwaukee HIRE Center (Help in Re-Employment) are skilled at addressing the specific issues of those who are facing unemployment due to layoff or company closure. The HIRE Center site is operated by a consortium, which includes the Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board, State of Wisconsin Job Service, AFL/CIO Labor Education and Training Center, Milwaukee Area Technical College and the United Way of Milwaukee.

Displaced workers receive assistance to help manage the transition from unemployment to employment and get the tools needed to get them on the road to their next career. Those at risk of layoff or termination can choose from a variety of education and re-training options. Pictured here are HIRE Center Manager, Alvin Harris working with displaced airline stewardess Peggy Prewa who is interested in pursuing a career in Physical Therapy. The HIRE Center will use its extensive community connections to get Prewa enrolled in classes and on the road to her new career.

The HIRE Center has two locations: 816 West National Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53204 and 2342 North 27th Street, Milwaukee WI 53210.