Well known actor William Shatner in new Hupy & Abraham, S.C. TV ads

Actor William Shatner, best known for his character Denny Crane the eccentric lawyer on Boston Legal is the new television spokesperson for Hupy & Abraham, S.C. “Because we have now built a practice with thousands of new clients every year, I thought someone as well known and well liked as Shatner would be right for our image”, said Attorney Michael F. Hupy.

12-19-09-william-shatner-hupy-and-abrahamRex and Maxine Hupy, son and daughter of Attorney Hupy are ballet dancers who performed with the Milwaukee Ballet. William Shatner provided the prerecorded narration for the Ballet’s “Common People” in 2007 and 2009.

Actor Marshall Teague and some firm employees will continue to be faces of the firm in other television commercials along with Milwaukee and Dane County Sheriffs participating in public service announcements in the “Watch for Motorcycles” safety campaign.

The firm has worked with the community for decades. According to a Shepherd Express poll, Hupy & Abraham, S.C. was voted best personal injury lawyers in Milwaukee the past two years in a row and also rated best by professional organizations. In 2008 Milwaukee Magazine published an article about Hupy that concluded “when bikers are in trouble, this is the one law firm they call”.

Although the firm has experienced significant growth, they continue to be committed to serving the community. This is evident by the tough cases they take on, such as the most recent police brutality case of Curtis Harris. The Harris case was a six year court battle by Hupy & Abraham, S.C. lawyers that resulted in a $3 million settlement from the City of Milwaukee. “We do more than just run television ads, we try to distinguish ourselves from other law firms by contributing to the community in the form of providing educational scholarships and by supporting social programs that help to eliminate hunger and promote safety”, said Attorney Hupy.